Work With Me


We view the work we do with clients as partnerships.

Simply put, our goal is to help our clients understand the areas in which they most need support then determine a best course of action.

It’s not just about selling a service, it’s about providing guidance. The more we know about your business the more we can add value to our relationship. We never want you to hesitate to pick up the phone and call us.


My client partnerships are:

  • An exchange of information and not a one-way flow from us to our clients
  • An open door to call or contact us with any issue, especially before it becomes a crisis
  • A promise of unwavering reliability
  • Non-stop support for our clients’ ambitions
  • A relationship with an attorney dedicated to looking over your business deals and making them better by viewing things with an unbiased perspective
  • Respectful and professional (without being overly formal or conservative) and based on down-to-earth communication


Options for the partnership

I prefer to have “general counsel” relationships with my coaching clients. Let me explain.

General counsel (the proactive partnership): Here’s why: This is the best situation to build our partnership before issues arise. It’s about being proactive and adding value to your business. A strong understanding about where you are in your business makes the road ahead smoother and more navigable for both of us. This relationship allows us to together strengthen your business by covering all legal bases from entity formation to client contracts to intellectual property protection. Possible downside: This makes the most sense though dollar-wise but it isn’t always possible because you pay a monthly flat fee with possible extra billed hours depending on what package of services you choose. 

Hourly consult (the reactive partnership): Here’s why: An hourly relationship is reactive based on a client’s desires and is cheaper up front, but may not be as user-friendly to the client because “the clock is ticking” once contact is made with an attorney. While we do provide services on an hourly basis, it’s usually not the best option for our partnership depending on what services you would like. Though clients often find this method more attractive because they feel like they have more control over what they spend on legal services there is never a guarantee as to how long certain tasks may take.