Who We Work With and How We Help Them

We offer a wide range of services that are catered to coaches at every point of growth in their businesses.

The reality is that as you grow your business, you’ll face new opportunities, responsibilities, and liabilities. Our job is to not only help you with your current challenges, but also prepare you for the ones ahead.

We are here to break down this intimidating process into understandable pieces. Working together with our clients, we form a partnership that by keeping the client informed and educated, gives you control of the decision-making process while we provide our legal expertise.

Our process begins with a diagnostic questionnaire so we can best determine your current legal challenges and find the solutions that will best fuel your growing business.


The Starter (or Starting a Coaching Business)

Whos it for:

You’re thinking about striking out on your own as a coach and you want to make it “official”, but you have lots of questions and concerns about how to run the business and protect yourself. We will discuss topics including:

  • your business plan
  • business/corporation formation
  • client contracts
  • business license application
  • intellectual property protection

We’ll answer your questions, discuss any concerns, and make you aware of important information for anyone starting a business.


The Builder (or Building a Coaching Business)

Whos it for:

You’ve been in business a while and already have established clients. You may have an employee or two and/or are working with freelancers, are starting to sponsor events, or even organizing small live events of your own.

You’re past the beginner stage of launching your business, but you have more questions or concerns about how make your foundation even stronger and how to reduce potential issues that may affect you and your business . This stage often focuses on review of:

  • your business plan
  • legal documentation
  • non-disclosure agreements
  • terms of use for your website
  • company policies and procedures

We’ll keep you current on the issues that are common with businesses at this stage.


The Grower (or Running a Healthy Coaching Business)

Whos it for:

You’ve got a solid business and things are going well. You have a steady stream of revenue and you’re getting the bills paid. You may have other coaches working for you who are utilizing your methodology and practices. You’re moving into the realm of elite coaches and want to grow even more. As you continue to grow you want to make sure you are protected along the way.

You may have specific questions or concerns because there are some gray areas ahead!

This could mean:

  • uncertainties about growing into your market
  • partnering up in a joint venture
  • working with your employees
  • rental and lease agreements
  • signing contracts with venues


Schedule a diagnostic phone call with me where we find out where you are and what set of services will fit you best.

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